Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Borne out of Necessity... Death by Metal

Well this is going to be a rather one off blog, a sort of offshoot from the more subject oriented metal writing i do at a few other metal blogs. Finally i can rid myself off of all the anxiety that comes with in being a total slipshod and pen down whatever i like and whenever i want to. A bit of freedom can do no harm after all. But i will go out of my way to bring you new music and old music alike for there is nothing like helping a friend out to newer stuff.

So without wasting time let's start with the good stuff. There is nothing better than some good old  death metal to start a post off with. Skinfather from Southern California will drub you down with their simple, stripped down to the bare bones death metal, served with a pinch of hardcore for good measure. Yes the band name does sound increasingly familiar, especially so if you've helped yourself to a bout of Dismember's "Indecent and Obscene". The music is not that different either. In no way am i referring to the Entombedcore tag line that bands such as Nails, Black Breath and Trap Them throw up. This is good ol Swedish death metal.. This is a "FREE" EP with just 3 songs, one of which is Unleashed's Execute them all from their third full length "Across the open sea".

P.S. Damn that cover art is pure ownage!

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